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Paul Smyth, Centurion
Thank you very much for the most interesting Scorpion Walk.  I really enjoyed it immensely.  It was my first visit to the Conservancy but I'll be back!

Niko Knigge, Doornrandje
Interest in the Conservancy is growing at a phenomenal rate.  Even the hippos, leopards and hyena want to come and live here!

Colin McRae, De Tweedespruit Conservancy
Super newsletter.  Good to see the enthusiasm regarding the geology of your conservancy.  I am a geologist and palaeontologist - the author of Life Etched in Stone. You may find it enlightening to squizz through it sometime.  I dealt extensively with the evidence of life in the dolomites (The Oxygen Pump).  I also covered the human evolution - you have a lot of sites in your area.

Alex Delides, Riverside Estates
Our annual Climb-the-Rhenosterkop outing in May attracted two dozen enthusiastic climbers.  Natalie from Johannesburg and her family all made it to the top and promised to be back next year.  “We're your biggest fans!”  she said.  The views from the top of Rhenosterkop are something to behold!


"We made it!"  On top of Rhenosterkop with the Witwatersberg and Magaliesberg in the background.

"We made it!"  On top of Rhenosterkop with the Witwatersberg and Magaliesberg in the background.  Photo provided by Alex Delides

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