Ingo von Boetticher, Laezonia
This is the one e-mail where I don't mind killing a few trees and printing it! Thank you!

Pauline Sonley, Hyde Park
Re the bullfrogs at Lanseria (VeldTalk 46). What a sad story! I hope it gets front page press coverage. I am horrified at man’s insensitivity to the creatures of this planet. It really is disturbing. Are there people we can write to to complain – do you have email addresses? All these conferences are meaningless talk which lead to nothing. Thanks for your very interesting and informative newsletter.

Morwa Ntsoane, Chairman of the Gauteng Pompom Committee
Thanks to the RNC for the dedication, determination, passion and the will to get involved in contributing positively towards the control of Pompom. It would make a lot of sense if we start early (with eradication) as groups of dedicated government officials, civil society, conservancies, organised agriculture and landowners. The impact would be massive.

Note: The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) recently drew a team of 15 from their other reserves - Roodeplaat, Leeuwfontein and Abe Bailey – to tackle Pompom over three days on their properties in Doornrandje. This valuable Egoli Granite Grassland area is earmarked for eventual proclamation as a nature reserve.

Jann Acutt, Hills and Dales
Some of our tenants were fishing in the Jukskei in front of our house this weekend, throwing back what they'd caught. They showed us some of the barbel they caught - every barbel had inflamed gills and blood coming from its anus. We also saw dead carp floating down the river.

Is anyone aware of this? Where should this be reported? Who will take action? I'm feeling very depressed about this.

The contact details of a Department of Water Affairs official were forwarded to Jann. Ed

Dorothea Pienaar, New-Zealand
Ek geniet VeldTalk altyd baie. Dis heerlike lees wanneer ek moeg is en net wil ontspan....Dankie!

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