Malcolm Sinclair, Chair: Lammermoor Conservancy
Thanks once again for a wonderful and most informative VeldTalk. I was so pleased to see the story on wild flowers. I've just finalised Lammermoor's newsletter and this is something that we're leading with as well. I took photos on 18th of October, amazed at the beautiful specimens out there. I haven't a clue of some of the botanical names so seeing some of the names with the photos helps greatly.

Jill Watson, Elandsvlei Conservancy
Thank you - as always a very informative, enlightening and fun read. Well done to all!

Bill, Doornrandje
Now that the veld is green after all the fires one notices the stark white exteriors of many local houses contrasting with the green. I compare these dwellings with places that have been built and painted to merge with the surrounding veld. Having chosen to live in a rural area, I want to see veld, sky and clouds, not buildings demanding to be noticed. What do other readers feel?

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