Pam Webster, Knoppieslaagte

VeldTalk is often passed along to me by people in our neighbourhood and it is such a lovely read – very informative! Please would you add me to your distribution list? I do the neighbourhood communications for our area which we informally call “The Valley”, in Knoppieslaagte.

(The reverse is also true - Pam's newsletter paints a colourful picture of the ups and downs of life in neigbouring Knoppieslaagte and surrounds. Ed.)

Ingrid Koch (ex-Roodekrans)

I love getting VeldTalk and catching up on what is happening in the Conservancy. On the article about a trip into the past, I was alarmed to see how many Karee trees had been chopped down on Koppie-Alleen when we were out there a while ago. There was also evidence of fires having been made on the top, so I am not sure if the trees were being used for that. I am not sure what can be done to stop this as the Koppie is so isolated.

Roodekrans will always be home to me and it is fantastic to go back there, especially to the Koppie where my brother and I spent most of our childhood.

Peter Duck, Tonteldoos Conservancy, Mpumalanga

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the Botanical Society's flower/ nature walk in the Conservancy this month. It made a difference having experts on hand with quick, positive identification.

Michelle Panos, Riverside Estates

Thank you to VeldTalk for the wonderful article re the SOS children's sport progress. We have had such a fantastic response, even from far afield. I did not realize VeldTalk had such a reach! Gretchen Grenville from Grow Wild Nursery is donating the trees we need to plant for shade. Blue Saintclair in Doornrandje has offered us horse manure for compost. And Rene Robinson who lives near the Lion Park offered to run a fundraiser for us at her and her hubby's Indoor Cricket Arena in Midrand. She is also a life skills coach (writing her thesis) and is prepared to work with the kids to try and unlock their potential. Progress!

The first away soccer match takes place soon at Alpha Conference Centre.

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