This VeldTalk features the frustration of dealing with rates, taxes and unresponsive officials. A Hills and Dales landowner was devastated when she got a bill for R21 000 from Tshwane Council early this year. This is her story.

“Die Wet van Transvaal” *

“We went to Tshwane Municipality to get clarity on our rates and taxes situation and were shunted to Credit Control, to Customer Care and back again, to no avail”, she says. “They claimed they’d billed us for R7 000 in 2005 but we never received that account nor any others until this year.

“They said they’ve been sending our bills to their Despatch Department since June 2005 to be posted to us at our correct address. Not one ever arrived, whilst they were adding on interest all the time. When I pointed out that it was surely impossible for approximately 43 accounts to go ‘missing’, they said it wasn’t their problem.

“So, for all those who haven’t received bills from the Tshwane Municipality, please check it out, because as I write interest is being accrued monthly. We bought this property on the understanding that there were no rates to pay because no services would be offered. I know people who have not yet been served with this tax. I hope they quickly sort it out before they get bankrupted like ourselves.

“By the way, thanks for VeldTalk - wonderful, informative and congrats on the hard work.”

*Ask any Afrikaner what that stands for.

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