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Annette Greiff, Hennops River
This exquisite Glasswinged butterfly is found in Central America - from Mexico to Panama. The transparent wings are a natural camouflage mechanism.  The presence of this butterfly is apparently used by rain forest ecologists as an indication of high habitat quality and its demise alerts them of ecological change.


Mary, Doornrandje
I found these spider webs in the early morning dew next to the road.  It looked like fairy tracks!


Murray Horn, Randburg
This frog was comfortably tucked into a hole, low down on a palm tree next to the swimming pool.  He did not seem bothered by the human traffic past his hidey-hole.


Mercia Komen, Doornrandje
I met this Marsh Owl on the road near a wetland on my way home.   He/she sat very quietly when I took the pic.  It's often on the road and very reluctant to move.


Emmanuel, Hills and Dales
Every now and then we find these worms clustered on the trunk of a plane tree.  They appear suddenly and disappear after a day or so.  Can any VeldTalk reader tell me what they are?


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