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Wayne Skews, Doornrandje
Every day we check our pool for bullfrogs, otherwise they die. Here is a fine fellow from Doornrandje.



Stella Angus, Bonathaba, Hills and Dales
We found this little nest in the veld, made entirely from horse hairs!

Nest of hair

Helga Eshelby, Riverside Estates
The Jukskei River level rose about six metres at our place in January.  Our pump was under water and drying it out took a long time.  The most upsetting thing was the rubbish along the river banks!  We try to clean it up ourselves but there is still a lot stuck in the top of the trees on the other side of the river.


Rubbish in the river

This is one tiny portion of the Jukskei.  Try and calculate the amount of rubbish, stuck six metres high along many kilometres of this burdened river.  Depressing.  Ed

Hendrik Swart, Roodekrans
This cosy little nest was built by a sunbird.  He (she?) kept darting to a pile of rocks and all I could find there were spider webs.  Were the sticky threads part of holding the nest together?



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