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Annelize de Klerk, Doornrandje
We were quite pleased to have spotted this handsome bullfrog on the side of a road in Doornrandje, whilst driving home one night.  We all need to be careful as bullfrogs seem to sit on or to cross roads frequently at night during the rainy season.


Elaine, Hills and Dales
One morning we found eight baby bats clinging to the wall of our house.  They seem to have come from under a verandah roof but the reason was a mystery.  We took this pic and emailed it to our local bat expert, Nigel Fernsby, who said they were Cape Serotin bats.  He thought they may have tried to escape from a snake and suggested we leave them on the wall until after sunset, to see if the parents would come to the rescue.  By that time some had died but we hope the rest made their way to Mom and home.


Nick Dale, Rhenosterspruit
The tumbleweeds (Boophane disticha) are rapidly disappearing as they are harvested for muti.  I thought it worthwhile capturing its flowering and drying before it tumbles in the breeze.  As you can see from the size of this bulb the plant is many decades old.


Corlette Wessels, Vlakfontein
I arrived home to a terrible racket and found a dead boomslang at the garden gate.  Our dogs had killed it.  I checked them for snake bite but they were all fine.  It must have been a spectacular fight!


Meryl Horn, Lukasrand, Pretoria
Our namesake came visiting – a grey Hornbill!


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