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Niko Knigge, Doornrandje
A metre-long boomslang lives in a crack in a wall in our house.  My friend Ozi was brave enough to take a pic of this handsome creature.

Are you quite sure you want to share accommodation with a boomslang?!  Editor


Nick Dale, Rhenosterspruit
This exquisite photo of a praying mantis was taken by Dennis Weinand.  His photos of a mantis on a basil plant that appeared in VeldTalk (No 50: May 2010) were screened on 50/50's VeldFocus recently.


Praying mantis green edit resize

Pieter Tolmay, Monaghan Farm
Monaghan teems with wildlife, like this little hedgehog.  I have tried to photograph the fish eagles over the Jukskei River but no success so far.  I'll keep at it!



Jill Watson, Elandsvlei Conservancy, East Rand
Recently our Conservancy received a call from the local Kaleidoscope School principal, Carol Gardner, about a very large lizard in the school's garden.  She was concerned that dogs would harm the lizard.  On arrival, we found a metre-long Rock Monitor - frightened, dehydrated and very thin.


Youth Rangers of Elandsvlei Conservancy capture a Rock Monitor

With the aid of several of our Youth Rangers, children from the school and parents, the Rock Monitor was gently caught and released in a nearby rocky outcrop.  After resting for 10 minutes he made his way into the rocks and to freedom.

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