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Malcolm Pitman, Ferndale
During December I was in the Kruger Park and came across a Giant Bullfrog with his mouth over the head of a Boomslang. The snake was over a metre long and the frog had his mouth fully over the head.  There was a lot of jumping by the frog or thrashing by the snake – I couldn't figure out which!   Suddenly they parted and the snake shot across the road. The frog sat for about half a minute and then hopped of into the bush, looking rather dazed!

bullfrogsnakeattack1 bullfrogsnakeattac2 bullfrogsnakeattack3

"This should not take long...There's more to this morsel than I thought...I've changed my mind..."

The best description for this behavious comes from Afrikaans:  “Sy oë was groter as sy maag”  Ed.

Nick Dale, Rhenosterspruit 
My friend Dennis Weinand took this pic of a Flower Mantis on a Wild Basil plant near White River.  It is the most exquisite camouflage I've ever seen!
















Nature's exquisite art - a Mantis copying a flower.

Close-up of the Mantis's head.















Close-up of the Mantis's head.

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