“The most terrifying experience of my life!” exclaimed Shan Muller of Hills and Dales.  “Our house was hit by a tornado during the storm that devastated Gauteng at the end of November - a proper twister.  The noise was like a jumbo jet crashing into a freight train.”

The trees on the Mullers’ driveway were uprooted and flung across their roof, loosening roof tiles which swept in circles around the house - “like chicklet bubblegums!” - and smashed through windows.  “The stable roof was flung over our house and landed outside our bedroom,” Shan recounted the chaos.  “I was alone at home at the time, the power was out, there was glass all over the place, the water came through the ceilings and I had five terrified dogs to cope with!  The barn roof flew over the electric fence into the farm next-door. Our groom’s clothes were found hanging from trees.  The damage done in a few minutes was unbelievable.”

Muller roof

A colleague of the Mullers was travelling on the N14 at the time.  “I saw this strange funnel-shaped ‘cloud’, roughly in the direction of Lanseria and wondered what on earth was happening.  A tornado was the last thing on my mind.”    

The Mullers’ insurance company paid promptly.  “There was no contesting the cause or the damage!” said Shan.


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