The Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy has attracted prospectors, mining companies and developers like honey draws bees. If everyone of those attracted had their way, the area would be completely transformed. With Environmental Management Frameworks (EMF) comes strategic vision and planning.
Over the past four years there have been 22 different applications in and adjoining the Conservancy area for a variety of developments, some huge, some small. Because this area has high conservation value, it has also been the subject of several studies by various authorities.
One of these is the Regional Environmental Management Framework (REMF) commissioned by GDACE (Gauteng Dept of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment). The Conservancy submitted a comprehensive information document for this study.
At a feedback meeting on 31 January, attended by 40 people, there was opportunity to table and discuss many concerns and issues. These (and further comments) will be included in the final document.

A special thank you to all local residents who made the effort to attend.


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