The Conservancy's 2009 “Ride the Rhenoster” mountain bike ride elicited varied responses. From “Wow, this was absolutely awesome!” and “The toughest I've ever done” (gasp) to “I am so proud of myself!”

The 35 km route started at Hennopsrivier Primary School with 235 riders ready to challenge the Rhenoster. From there it went west along Lazy River Road, crossed the Hennops and turned south through Roodekrans to Koppie-Alleen. The 20km riders turned back here – a tough ride already!

The rest continued through Hills and Dales, over Ladybird Hill into Vlakfontein. At that point the real challenge started – up a very steep hill, down again into a deep ravine at an almost 45 degree angle (well, almost!), to be confronted with another uphill ride. Some pro's claimed they never got of their bikes, the rest shook their heads in disbelief. Altogether an 850m incline.

Lessons learnt by the RNC team:

  • Do not call this a fun ride, it is a “technically very challenging ride”, according to one tired but satisfied rider.
  • Consider different routes in 2010 to match the various levels of stamina of mountainbikers.
  • Keep spare tubes along the route!

Hennops Primary School served boeries, hot dogs and softdrinks and made a healthy profit. Plans are afoot to add a Beer Garden at the school next year.

Thanks to all who pitched in to help, and especially to Miles Crisp, ex RNC resident, for his expert input. Thank you also to Laezonia residents who helped with road safety, manning the crossing point until late afternoon. And finally - a special thanks to all those landowners who made access over their private properties available for the occasion.



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